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An annual event celebrating community

with great music ALWAYS.

January 1st -  FREE

This year instead of celebrating in person,

we offer you the 21st annual event virtually

Thank you to David Jacobson, Lyn Howe
 Rick Stockton and Thomas Smith for making this event possible


On January 1, 2021 the videos will be availale on this page

Retrospective folder to past performers
Joe Alan

2010 MHF Medley of 10 + Musical groups etc.

Howard Berkman

Brodie Kinder

Mike Gwinn

Sonny Sharrock

T Ray Becker

Bill Rowe

Hope in a Hopeless World

Bill Powers

Current performers

Ellen Stapenhorst

John Hutchison

Christie Gubser

David Snider

Andrea & Corey Hard Pressed

Dave Sheppard & Ellen Hutto

Steve Clisset

The Scones

David Starr

Tony Soto

J Morley